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Join forces with up to three friends to explore and battle through a vast universe teeming with challenges. You can also play in a single-player offline mode, network connection is not required to play.


Equip your spaceship with the latest technology. From laser cannons to shield generators, ensure you have the best gear to face the dangers of space and conquer your enemies.


Engage in intense space battles against a variety of enemies, from space pirates to alien armadas. Use tactical maneuvers, advanced weaponry, and cooperative strategies to outsmart and overpower your adversaries.


Engage in a dynamic trading system with different alien civilizations. Craft powerful weapons, advanced technology, and essential supplies. Collect a variety of loot to upgrade your gear, unlock new abilities, and tailor your playstyle.


Explore a procedurally generated universe that ensures no two playthroughs are the same. Each galaxy and solar system is unique, offering new challenges and rewards with every exploration.


Experience the freedom of an open-world universe. Discover new planets, encounter alien species, and uncover hidden secrets. Each journey offers unique opportunities and unexpected dangers, ensuring a fresh experience every time you play.


Warspace 2 is an indie space shooter RPG developed and published by Magic Game Art. It features an open-world, procedurally generated universe where players can trade, craft, fight, and explore. You can play solo or in cooperative mode with friends.

I’m Dawid Koziol, the passionate developer behind Warspace 2, self-published under my studio name Magic Game Art. I started this ambitious project solo in 2019, writing the first line of code. Although I work on it in my spare time, this game is a labor of love and dedication. Currently with the help of a few developers I’m striving to create the best space adventure ever inspired by my favorites space games like Warblade, Space Rangers, No Man’s Sky, Star Valor, and Everspace I aim to deliver a truly unique and immersive experience.

Warspace 2 is scheduled for release at January 2025.

Warspace 2 will be available on Steam for Windows, MacOS and Linux with cross-play and cross-save on all systems.

Yes, Warspace 2 can be played in a single-player mode as well as cooperative multiplayer options​. Everything available in single player mode will be possible to do in multiplayer and vice versa.

Yes, Warspace 2 features online cooperative gameplay (COOP) where you can team up with friends to explore the galaxy, complete missions, and engage in space combat together​.

The game supports online co-op and LAN co-op of maximally 4 players per session.

Players will experience a mix of space combat, exploration, trading, and crafting. You will take on the role of a commander, piloting a customizable spaceship and encountering various challenges and enemies across different star systems. You can loot items, gather materials, craft and upgrade your equipment to improve your capabilities and survivability in the game.

The universe in Warspace 2 is procedurally generated, meaning each playthrough offers unique star systems, planets, and encounters. This ensures a different experience every time you play.

Yes, Warspace 2 will support playing on Steam Deck as well as with controllers. We’ve ensured that the game is optimized for a seamless experience on these platforms, allowing you to enjoy the game with your preferred input method.

Yes, Warspace 2 will support multiple languages, including English, Polish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese

Yes, that will be very helpful, every new wishlist adds a lot of motivation to work. You can add Warspace 2 to your wishlist on Steam to get notified when it becomes available​.

For the latest updates, you can visit the official Magic Game Art Discord also this will be best place if you have any questions about game and development, join the Steam community page, or follow Magic Game Art on their social media channels Facebook, Instagram, Youtube​​, Reddit​​.

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Planned release date 01.2025

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